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Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets”.

Latest update from Twitter is that it launched seven different apps these are Android, iPhone, iPad,Mac,, and TweetDeck. These updates sync direct messages across devices and Twitter accounts with tweaks for search results, the Connect tab and a built-in tweet composer.

A senior software engineer at Twitter wrote that they’re making easier with a coordinated update for those people use Twitter to connect to the things and care about it. He include that for all the platforms we will able to sync direct messages across all the devices and Twitter accounts. And if we read a direct message on our android phone or iPhone, it will be marked as read in our browser, our desktop apps or in tablets.

On the other hand, Barnes-Hoyt noted that while the syncing update is recently live, the rollout will be gradual. Users can download the updated apps from mobile devices Google Play, App Store for apple desktops Apple’s App Store and the Mac App Store for apple desktops.

Dan Olds, an analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group, for him by making it easier to send direct messages on multiple devices this makes them more Facebooky. He added that Twitter is aiming to become more of a social networking destination rather than just a communication tool because of the additional direct messaging, plus searches that bring up more details about users.

Now Twitter for the iPhone has a built-in tweet composer that will pop up when a user taps a tweet to see details and it will be easier for users to reply to tweets. Barnes-Hoyt wrote that it is easier to find accounts to follow with a new people button on the navigation bar, making the iPhone experience consistent with our Android app that tapping this icon reveals a list of accounts that may be interesting or relevant to you.

Twitter has some search changes for Android, iPhone, iPad and users. for these four apps Barnes-Hoyt said that users who now search for people on Twitter will get more information in their search results that include a “full bio”.

The Connect tab of Twitter on the Mac will show tweet interactions so users can find favorites and retweets, along with any @mentions. Twitter for Mac will now support several languages: Danish, Filipino, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Thai.This update will mimic the user experience that people have had on Twitter’s website and other mobile apps.

However, Mac users who only want to see @mentions under the Connect tab can set their preferences to make that happen. According to Olds these new enhancements should make it easier to use Twitter, so users should embrace them.

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