How to Control Your Mind

You are what you believe… Scientists are now saying that your mind creates your reality and what you consider today will create itself and manifest later on. Thinking about that’s a scary thing for some people. However, if you’re fully conscious of what you’re considering every moment of your waking day, then you should have the ability to control what’s going to manifest in the long run.

Now, that may sound a bit ‘out there’, so to speak, and most individuals think they’re already fully conscious of the ideas at any given time. Well, I am here to tell you that you aren’t.

How to Control Your Mind

Try this simple exercise next time you are in the shower:

Think About each and every move you make while washing your body, the way the soap feels on your skin, the feel of your skin, feeling the water from the shower head in your back and mind and the way that feels. While doing so, count the number of times your mind wanders to some other problem or subject that has nothing to do with you having a shower. You’ll be surprised.

This exercise will show you just how fast and readily your mind gets away in the ‘HERE and NOW’ and begins to think about matters of which you’re almost unaware. How often have you driven your car from point A to point B and not been able to remember how you got there, or at least portion of the way?

I know this has Happened to me several times. In actuality, one day I was walking home from college; I recall walking from the college gates and then up the last bit of the street leading to my dwelling. I have, however, no memory whatsoever of that way I took home or anything else along the way. Now that has remained with me for over 40 years. Additionally, it is a great example of the mind, or rather the body, working on autopilot, while the mind/brain is off somewhere else.

The Here and Now

To remain completely in the moment of The Here and Now is extremely hard and yet so very important. Considering we can’t change the past and have little if any actual control of the future, the only thing all of us have complete control over is the HERE and NOW. What we do and consider right NOW is the only thing we actually have complete, 100% control over.

This Idea is so important and so underestimated. Ask any smoker if he or she’s actually conscious of taking a puff on their cigarette and if they are honest, the majority of the time they are entirely unaware of the physical component of smoking. In actuality, some smokers will smoke and light a cigarette and not even be aware of having done so. It is so automatic that they don’t consider it whatsoever. I should know – I used to smoke.

This Illustrates how NOT in control of our thoughts we occasionally are and how the mind can wander off on a given path without consciously controlling where it belongs.

Try this simple exercise. It takes just one minute.

Sitting down or lying down, take slow breaths in and then out. Each cycle should take about six seconds. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose (not your mouth). Listen to the noise and feel the flow of air moving into and out of your lungs; feel that your ribcage expanding and relaxing. Don’t consider anything else besides breathing in and out and experience the changes on your torso.

As before, with the exercise under the shower, notice how often your mind wants to wander off to what you will need to do afterward or forgot to do so far now. Each time your mind wishes to go off on some tangent, refocus on your breath… in… And out…, listen to the air passage through the nose to your lungs and feel that the expansion and contraction of your torso.

Over time, as you keep practicing this exercise daily, you’ll realize that your mind will begin to drift less frequently and you will notice more quickly as it will wander off. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to keep your thoughts focused on exactly what you’re doing for the entire minute. Now, you’re starting to have the ability to concentrate on the Here and Now. If you believe this was hard to achieve, try being concentrated for an entire day… it is a work in progress for each of us, but it is achievable with practice.

The more skillful you get, the more focused you will get, and your energy won’t get as depleted as fast. You’ll also become better at assessing any situation less emotionally and more peacefully. Over time you may actually gain greater insight into any given situation since you won’t be thinking about previous failures or unrealistic future results. You’ll be far more concentrated on the task or problem at hand and not as scattered by the ‘bad news’ or whatever has just come up.

Obviously, this is not something which may be achieved overnight. It requires time, patience and practice, but if you bear in mind that the one thing you have control over is the Here and Now, then what actually matters is what you believe and the way you respond to any given issue today, right now.

The Here and Now

Here’s another Practice to practice being in the Here and Now. In case you have access to a small place of character, say your garden or even only a pot plant, then consider a flower and focus on it 100%. Don’t let any other thoughts enter your mind. Concentrate on every little tiny detail of the flower. Immerse yourself in every detail of the flower you are focusing on. You may actually notice that you relax more and more as your focus becomes more extreme. Try it.

If you don’t believe that you can meditate, think again. By doing these simple exercises you’re actually beginning to meditate. Meditation is just an expansion of this one-minute breathing exercise or the blossom detail exercise. What you’re studying in these exercises is To take charge of your own mind, as opposed to letting your mind control you. And that is the key.

Source: Womanised