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Back pain is not only one of the most common scourges of Australians but one of the most common scourges of human beings in general. Though some back pain is caused by herniated discs or strained muscles, some types of back pain seem to have no reason at all. Tens of thousands of people miss work because of back pain, resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue. Some of these people would be amazed to learn that their back pain can be ended once and for all, but there are treatments that do just that.

Here are a few of them:

Get Out of Bed

Though this may seem counter intuitive, bed rest can actually make back pain worse. A person shouldn’t stay in bed for more than three days in a row if he or she wants to avoid low back pain. Even patients who’ve had surgery are encouraged to get out of bed and move around somewhat.


Even walking is helpful for back pain. However, patients who have experienced back pain should avoid exercises that are too strenuous.

Stand Up Straight

Your mother was right. Good posture is indeed helpful when it comes to back pain. Bad posture just puts strain on the back. After years of abuse, the back will start to complain.

See a Chiropedic Therapist

With chronic back pain, a patient might think of taking on a chiropedic therapist, especially one who is an expert in back pain and can help patients eliminate or at least control theirs. A licensed chiropractor, with years of experience, can assist you in getting a great night’s sleep and generally improve your health Interested? Check out their site and feel rested sooner.

Use Ice and Heat

Though this too might be counterintuitive, applying both heat and cold can put paid to back pain. Ice reduces any swelling, especially after the first two days after an injury. Then, the patient should switch to hot compresses to improve blood flow to the area.

Stop Smoking

Among the other dreadful things smoking can do, it can cause back pain. This is because the nicotine found in cigarettes is a vasoconstrictor. This means it causes the capillaries and smaller vessels that serve the back to narrow. This stops the proper blood flow from getting to the area. The result can be back pain.

Sleep Well

Some experts recommend that people buy mattresses that are at first a bit firmer than they like to support their back. Then, once the mattress is bought, it’s important that a person sleeps in the best position to support his or her back. People who sleep on their backs might wish to prop up their knees with pillows. People who sleep on their side might want to tuck a pillow between their knees. No one should sleep on their stomach, for this puts the back out of alignment.


Surgery is, of course, the last resort if a person is suffering from intractable back pain. The good news is that spinal surgery isn’t nearly as invasive or risky as it was even a few years ago. Both incisions and surgical implements are much smaller and the recovery time for the patients is shorter. Also, after a successful operation the pain will be gone for good.

These are only a few of the tips than can help a person get rid of back pain for good.