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For some men, wearing jewellery just doesn’t seem to have anything in common with the art of maintaining their manliness. However, there are honourable male specimens who pull it off so well and never compromise their masculinity.

If you have ever wondered what their secrets are, you’ll want to know how to make jewellery work in your favour.

Know The Right Items That Add To Your Style

Not just any piece of jewellery will contribute to a classy masculine look. However, before picking anything you should be very honest about your style. If you are the casual rebel, fancy cufflinks will do nothing for you. A wristwatch, nevertheless, is one item that will enhance anyone’s look. Go for a metal or leather strap and keep in mind that metal jewellery, titanium in particular, is always a good bet for men – it is lightweight and comes in sleek, angular designs that suit a masculine look.


A simple chain bracelet made of titanium is also a timeless piece, complimenting any type of attire. If you are the elegant type, wear a tie accessory or discreet, simple cufflinks. It is usually a very bad idea to copy an artist’s style from music videos. Even though they look fabulous, this isn’t something wearable – unless the star opts for a very common and easy to obtain look.

Simple Designs and Matching Metals

If you are buying your items from wholesale jewellery stores, you could find many styles tempting and be prone to mismatching. Let the store categories guide you – don’t wear more than one metal type at once as it would be a style crime for most men. Women may wear gold and silver combinations successfully, but this is not applicable to adornments for the other gender and you have to be really careful even when you wear only one kind of metal.

There is only one admitted exception to the rule: you wedding band can be different from other jewellery you wear. For example, gold comes in many shades – from light yellow, to darker shades and to rosy or brownish tones. Also, remember to keep it simple – if you have already chosen a piece to wear, you don’t have to feel obliged to add another one – a single adornment is sufficient. Don’t choose complicate designs, as these will be hard to match with diverse outfits.

The Unusual Types

Men’s fashion has seen the rise of ethnic accessories made of wood or bone. These call for a contrasting background to look well, and for a casual outfit too. Another unusual style is the one that features black leather and studs. Unless you are a motorcycle rider or belong to a rebel subculture you would be better off avoiding these, as making too much of a statement is not a sign of good taste. Being ostentatious will not work in your favour as long as you aren’t a music star.

Wear Meaningful Pieces


Most men tend to wear one single piece of jewellery, and with great meaning: their wedding band. When they choose to wear more, this will inevitably speak of them and their personality. Women can easily wear any type of adornments for the sole purpose of decorative effect, but men need to be extra careful about what message they transmit.

One simple piece adorned with a precious gem is more than enough to show wealth. A small pendant that illustrates a symbol is also enough to tell a story. Look for items that tell something. When you buy from wholesale jewellery websites, make sure they sell quality items and not some cheap ones that would break off or lose their shine in a short while.