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Smith Performance Sprayers and Foggers are all constructed to function as hard as you can. They’re durable, professional goods constructed to withstand the toughest work requirements. The FT982 Electric Thermal Fogger was created for pest management professionals and may be utilized in and about restaurants, resorts, office buildings, and residential constructions. It’ll eliminate fleas for up to 6 weeks. The specially designed heating component atomizes compound into fine particles which float beneath surfaces and to nooks and crannies. It may be eliminated for electrical spraying abilities also. For thermal fogging simply use products formulated especially for thermal fogging: petroleum or water-based solutions comprising propylene glycol oils.

Smith Performance FT982 Electric Thermal Fogger Features

  • This professional, heavy duty thermal fogger was created for a number of commercial uses such as: flood and fire restoration, odor management with deodorizers, and pest management.
  • With Barrel Attached: the fogger creates a dry fog. The key to the success of this Smith Performance FT982 Fogger lies within its capacity to generate microscopic particles which disperse and penetrate any region being treated.
  • With Barrel Removed: this fogger turns to a 2 oz each minute, all-purpose electrical applicator for implementing water-based or oil-based material.
  • Effectively controls flying insects with oil-based insecticides or odors brought on by smoke, fire, mildew, pets, etc. . oil-based deodorant. Can convert 1 oz of oil-based insecticide to 2,000 cu. Length of fog in only two minutes.

Why Should You Buy this

  1. The exact same powerful system utilized by specialists to kill mosquitoes which may carry the West Nile virus.
  2. Gently kill and kill fleas for up to 6 hours
  3. Specially designed heating element to propel fog immediately when attaining adjusted temperature
  4. For thermal fogging simply use products formulated specifically for thermal fogging: petroleum or eucalyptus remedies containing propylene glycol oils
  5. Utilizes a 110V power source

Key Features

  1. Thermostatically Controlled Heating Chamber: Heating element atomizes compound into fine particles letting it float beneath and about surfaces to get complete coverage.
  2. Flexible Rate: The flow rate may be adjusted dependent on the program for a wetter or drier fog.
  3. Permanent Spun Aluminum Container: Heavy responsibility reservoir holding up to 96 oz of petroleum- or water-based solutions.