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In our fast paced world many people are finding comfort in having a pet for a friend. Also more people are viewing their pets as their children and a member of the family. When these pets have problems, the pet owner tries rigorously to find solutions to those problems.

Quite a few of you want to know how many pets are lost each year right? Upwards of five million pets are lost just in the US alone, when you think of how many are lost at any one time all over the world, the number is staggering. Pet Video Verify is set out to revolutionize identification and bring home lost pets everywhere.

Lost pets is a growing issue in today’s modern world. There are over 151 million dogs and cats in the United States alone and any more when you consider how many pets there are all over the world. The statistics are that one in three pets will become lost in their lifetime. These lost pets can survive and wander to all kinds of places that are a long way from home. People are amazed that pets can wander to all kinds of places and end up many miles from where their home is. Pet owners cant believe that some of these pets can take care of themselves while they are lost from the comforts of their home.

Think if you could use the Internet to solve these and other pet related issues!

Pet Video Verify is trying to revolutionize how lost pets are identified and returned to their rightful owner. Pet Video Verify is using information technology and the power of the internet to achieve this. Its web based software will not only help with lost and found pets, it is going to try to solve a lot of the pet owners needs. In its first version of its software there are three parts to the application. The parts are video identification for lost and found pets, online pet medical records that are stored in the cloud, and the ability for the pet owner to sell pet items to other pet owners on the site.

The first part of the application is video identification for pets that focuses on returning lost pets to their rightful owner. Pet Video Verify’s patent-pending system will revolutionize how pets are identified by using video that is submitted of the pet. Micro chipping has long been touted as the way to identify pets, Pet Video Verify is going to change this.

The micro chip has a variety of problems such as the information tied to the chip being incorrect, the chip scanner not being able to pick up the micro chip, even the micro chips are thought to cause cancer in some pets, as well as other issues. Some pet owners have even sued micro chip makers alleging that the chip caused cancer around the site where the chip was placed.

With Pet Video Verify’s video identification process, the pet owner wont really need a chip because the technology relies on physical attributes and mannerisms that the pet was born with. This is a brief description of how this video identification system works. The pet owner overlooks the pet and then uses a video recording device to video the unique physical properties and mannerisms that the pet has.

Then the video is then converted into electronic format and is uploaded to the profile that was created when the user registered in the system. If their pet becomes lost, they go into their profile and mark the pet as lost. Other users of the system can then search through the list and by looking at the video, identify the pet and return it to the owner.

The second part of the web application that Pet Video Verify has created is the online pet medical records that are stored in the cloud. The user goes to their vet and receives a copy of their pet’s medical records. They then convert the record into a pdf or word electronic format. In their profile on Pet Video Verify, they choose their pet and upload the electronic version of the record to the site. The record is then stored in the system and is always there for viewing, printing, or downloading.

The last part of the current web version of the software is the ability for the pet owner to sell pet items to other users of the system. This basically works by the seller taking an electronic picture of the item they are looking to sell. They go into Pet Video Verify and create a new item for sell. They then describe the item and upload the electronic picture. Once it is in the system, other users can search for items they are looking to buy and contact the seller.

Another important part of the system is the ability for the pet owner to use their smart phone in the process. The web based software is configured in a way to allow easy access to the site. This access is important to all functions of the system. Just think, many times lost pets are found when people are out away from home.

With Pet Video Verify’s site, a person that finds a lost pet can whip out their smart phone and search for lost pets. If they come across one that looks like the pet they found, they can view the video identification right on the phone and call the rightful owner. The online pet medical records is also another great feature that can be accessed from the smart phone. You can login and view the medical records right on your phone.

Just think how helpful this can be if you have to take your pet to an emergency vet visit and the vet needs to see those records. You can just pull out your smart phone and login to Pet Video Verify’s website and pull the records the vet needs to see. This could potentially save your pets life! You can also search for pets items that are for sale by other pet owners from your smart phone. When you find an item that you want to buy you can just click on the email address or phone number of the seller and contact them right away to buy the item from your phone.