Things You Need For A Home Wedding

There’s no place like home- even for a wedding. Rather than the same old wedding bells of a chapel, there are more and more couples today opting for a home wedding. Whether it is that white picket fenced house you grew up in by the lake or the house you and your partner have just renovated, nothing creates a beautiful nostalgia quite like a celebration at home.However, there are some essential elements that make up a great home wedding that you do not want to forget about.

Here are some boxes that you definitely want to tick:


Even if you decide to have the ceremony and reception inside your home, your guest will always want to have a wander about, especially if the weather is particularly nice. There is no need to worry about providing enough shade if you decide to grab a marquee that are not only perfect for a stylish wedding but large enough to make sure nobody is left standing out in the sun.


Once you have your guest list somewhat finalised, take a look at your home and give an honest appraisal of how much space you have to work with. You may need to move some large furniture into the shed to create space. Also consider the amount of parking you will need, if you have some friendly neighbours, they might even be willing to allow your friends to park in their driveway.


The set up and clean up for a home wedding can become complicated- you will need to look after tables, chairs, toilets, food, silverware, glasses. It would be worth taking a look at some of the catering services available in your area and save yourself all the work of making sure your guest are properly looked after. Definitely have enough drinks and food to go well into the night; you are not at a place with a commercial kitchen that can whip something up, nor do you want people using your kitchen and potentially setting the place alight.

In addition, be sure to remember that no room is safe nor out of bounds if you decide to open up your home for a wedding. That means setting up every room so that it matches the style of your overall theme. You don’t have to decorate every single room, but just make sure there is a nice flow throughout the house.

No last minute hiccups.

Houses can be a little more difficult for people to find than say, a church, so you will want to make sure your florist, photographer, celebrant, and entertainers know exactly where you are located. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they could come a little earlier just to give you peace of mind. No last minute racing around.

If your neighbours are not invited to the wedding, don’t forget to give them a courtesy call to let them know things may get a little rowdy into the night. If you have ticked all these boxes, there is no doubt your homely wedding will be something you will never forget!