Trendy and Stylish Living Room Upgrades

Living room is a focal point of the house where all our daily activities and enjoyments are taking place,so it should exude leisure spirit, serenity and pleasant vibes. Although modern home arrangement ideas now allow homeowners to turn their living space into the most comfortable spot on the planet, you may think that living room upgrading is another time-consuming and expensive project.

However, it turns out that few effective ideas are sometimes all you need to for stylish and functional ambient:

Coffee table topped with style

You probably used to keep your coffee table empty, but you would be surprised how much energy it can insert into your living room if you simply decorate it. Think about topping your table with few favourite books, add simple glass vase having blossoming bouquet inside, but don’t hesitate to show off lovely porcelain figurines you bought on your last holiday.

Vintage saucer, wooden jewellery box, scented candles, even abstract sculptures will brighten up not only your coffee table, but also the entire living room, while coffee table top painted in vivid patterns is nothing but stunning.

Stylish mirrors for luxurious ambient

If you are unsure about mirrors in the living room, you should know that eclectic living room style is absolute hit these days, so don’t be afraid to match at first sight unmatchable pieces and reach modern opulent look.

You can go with few middle size mirrors placed above living room sofa, while it’s best to choose those featuring plane lines, silver and metallic frames. Mirrors will perfectly match glass ornaments in the room, but you can stick to the frame hues and pair them with the colour of curtains.

Give your fire pit a new shine

Living room fire pit is such a powerful decor itself and, traditionally, excellent spot for placing photography, candle holders or decorative boxes. Still, you can easily move further from classics by painting fire pit surface into white, light grey or beige hues and instead of lighting a fire you can put couple of large candles inside.

Besides, you can instantly translate old fire pit into trendy living room nook – all you need to do is to add some fire glass into your fire pit and the entire area will looked refreshed.

Creative gallery walls

Apart from being very trendy, living rooms wrapped into colours are exuding warmth and cosiness, so dare to turn one of your living room walls into gallery reflecting your personal sense for creativity.

Instead of classic paintings, fulfill your wall with photography containing vivid hues, framed flowers and collage artworks, and as long as colours create cohesion, your living room will abound with radiant spirit.

Cover it up

Even if your living room seating set is a bit old, you don’t have to purchase new pieces, just refresh it with fashionable covers and/or throw in some creative pillows. Think about pastel sofa and armchair covers which you’ll cheer up with bunch of patterned cushions.

While it’s up to you to choose covers’ colours and patterns, combinations of grey and mint green or pale blue and brown are simply irresistible and very modern.

Even though creating stylish living room usually seems very expensive, the greatest trick is actually your creativity and willingness to embrace simple ideas.